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with DesktopAuthor > Self Help > How to Pass Exams Easily
  How to Pass Exams Easily
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Also Available: How to Pass Exa  
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Publisher: dalegerke Limitations: Shareware, 6 free pages
Date Uploaded: Thursday, January 19, 2006 ISBN: 1863503498
Click to download How to Pass Exams Easily
Click to view How to Pass Exams Easily View In Browser
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How to Pass Exams Easily

Dr Dale Gerke completed over 21 years of school and university education and in that time, had both success and failure with exams. Initially Dale found studying for exams difficult and the consequent results reflected that.

However, after about two years of university education, Dale developed an exam technique that completely revolutionised the appropriate study approach. Dale's subsequent results were generally credit and distinction ratings (and certainly there were no more failures).

This book outlines the study and exam techniques that Dale developed and explains how you can also pass exams easily. It also gives you a few hints that could make your life, in general, a lot easier.

Dr Dale Gerke

So you'd like to pass your exams easily? Well it can be done, but let me first emphasise that the title of this book says it all. You can pass your exams easily. BUT you also have to do what the rest of the title says, which is WORK smarter rather than harder. This book is not magical. It casts no spells and creates no miracles. If you are looking for a way of passing your exams without working, then this book (or any others) is not your answer. I know of no method of passing exams without working. However, I found out relatively late in my academic career that there were easier ways to study for exams. This made passing them exceptionally easy after I mastered the technique. I might also point out that once my results dramatically improved, I actually wanted to work (study) more (and harder) because I enjoyed the success I achieved and I was therefore happy to strive for more. Therefore, this book has been written for those students who would like to pass with higher grades. This book will give you some practical information about how to sit for exams and pass them. There are some other practical lessons you can learn from this book as well; however, the main objective is for you to achieve greater success for yourself. I understand that it can be extremely boring hearing (or reading) about things that have happened to other people. For that reason I rarely talk about my own experiences when I converse with others. This book is an exception, however. I have outlined many of the significant events in my life, not because I necessarily feel them they are of much interest to you, but because there are valuable lessons to be learnt. So, you may be able to avoid some of the heart-ache that I suffered because of my own inexperience and inability to understand the situation at the time.
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