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with DesktopAuthor > Travel > When I Began to Live
  When I Began to Live
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Publisher: Nautilus Gallery Limitations: FREE
Date Uploaded: Monday, January 23, 2006 ISBN:
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Nautilus Gallery

Nautilus Gallery

'When I Began to Live'

Tracy Woolley is the photographer who has captured these fabulous images of the Sunshine Coast and the Whitsunday Coast, Queensland, Australia and IS Nautilus Gallery.

Tracy was conceived on Mooloolaba Beach (a fact that only came to light last year! no wonder it feels so much like home!) and has spent much of her life travelling the country either by sky, road or sea.

With her father joining the Royal Australian Air Force when she was 5 she was posted to several Australian towns and overseas to Penang, Malaysia.

Growing up she vowed she wanted to stay in one place when she became an adult, but when she reached that time the travel bug hit, and she went off again, travelling to Queensland islands and settling for a time in Hobart, Tasmania.

Her dream was one day to sail a yacht in the Whitsundays and in 1998 she bought her first yacht and settled back in Mooloolaba. A few years later in 2000, she competed in an international yacht race from Brisbane to the Solomon Islands. She spent the next few months sailing back from the Solomons and cruising the Queensland coast along with 3 of her 5 children!

Thats when her love of the ocean and their teeming life, beaches and shells came to the fore. Many times on those voyages between ports she saw sights that were of wonderment and complete joy, but having no means of recording those beautiful scenes committed them to memory.

Having spent 2 years sailing she decided to return to Mooloolaba with the children and settled into working as the Co-ordinator of the local Chamber of Commerce. Upon receiving a High Distinction studying Photography at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology Victoria, through an external course, Tracy has decided to capture beautiful images of the place she calls home. This ebook is a compilation of 55 images that ably assist in showing what it was for Tracy to finally find her niche in life and how it was for her when she began to live.
You'll love it

Tracy Woolley

This Ebook of 55 stunning photographs takes you from Airlie Beach on the Whitsunday Coast of Qld, to the area of the Sunshine Coast, QLD, incorporating images from the Glasshouse Mountains, to Mooloolaba and the rainforests of the hinterland. It also has a poignant message for all, about how to follow YOUR path and not others.
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