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Privacy Policy

We are committed to our visitor's privacy and security. Please take time to read the following Privacy Policy to learn about how we look after your information. Viewing of the site constitutes an acceptance of the terms and conditions detailed below.

What this Privacy Policy covers:

This Privacy Policy only relates to this website. We may from time to time link to other web sites controlled by other organisations. These organisations have their own practices in relation to information over which we have no ownership or control and for which we accept no responsibility.


The type of Information that we manage

Personal Data

We collect personal data (such as names and email addresses) from our visitors when, for example, they register to participate in the Service or opt to receive information from us with concern to the Service. We also collect personal data from users who purchase from the Service.


Aggregated Information

This site collects Aggregated Information, for instance, on the pages that visitor's view. We achieve this by logging visitor's IP addresses as they look through the site. IP addresses are allocated to your computer when you 'surf' the internet and they provide us with no personally identifiable information about you.

Tracking anonymous IP addresses assists us with the day-to-day maintenance of the site to ensure that our visitor's gain the most efficient access to the Service.

Collective information also assists us in working out the number and nature of visitors that we receive which allows us to customise the site to best suit our audience.



We aim to continually improve our visitor's experience, by for example, identifying what aspects of the site users prefer. In doing so we are able to refine Content to improve your experience here. We make use of 'cookies' to do this and these small files are stored on your hard drive. We only gather information from you that assists in this process, together with other information that you may voluntarily provide us with (e.g. while registering for the Service).

The use of cookies is standard in the internet industry and you may find that web sites to which we link make use of them also.We do not control these cookies and they are not subject to our Privacy Policy.

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